Northeast Texas Chapter of the American Concrete Institute

ACI Concrete Slabs on Ground

  • 08 May 2014
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (UTC-06:00)
  • Hilton Garden Inn DFW Airport South
ACI One-Day Seminar
  • Expectations relative to slab-on-ground performance, serviceability, reference documents; owner, local market, site specific issues, sustainability and implied criteria

  • Engineering considerations, loads, soil support system, concrete mixture

  • Moisture emission and related issues, curling considerations, surface tolerances

  • Preparation, placing and finishing slabs-on-ground

  • Slab-on-ground thickness design. Design examples for distributed, rack post, and lift truck loading; reasonable assumptions when you don’t know

  • Designing for shrinkage, minimizing restraint to movement: joint spacing, reinforcing options to limit out-of-joint crack width development

  • Two course slab systems

  • Floor joints and load transfer

  • Reinforcing: conventional deformed bar, welded wire and fibers

  • Curing, surface treatments, liquid densifiers, polishing

  • Plans and specifications: what the engineer should provide and what the contractor should expect

  • Preconstruction coordination meeting

  • Problem recognition and remediation

Arthur W. McKinney, PE, SE, FACI, FACEC, LEED AP, practicing Structural Engineer with 48 years of experience with industrial floors; including detail design, construction, testing, forensic analysis and remediation in an international practice. Mr. McKinney is Chairman of McKinney and Company, Ashland, VA, a full service planning, design, and construction company. Active in ACI, Mr. McKinney is a member and past Chair of ACI 360, Design of Slabs on Ground; a member of ACI 117, Tolerances, a member of ACI 302, Construction of Concrete Floors and a member of ACI 301G, Industrial Floors. Recent publications include, “Resolving “Sweating” in Open Industrial Concrete Floor Slabs”, February 2012, Concrete International, and “Industrial Slab-on-Ground Surface Defects”, July 2013, Concrete International.

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